What a good bookconsists of? Good story, beautifulpicturesplus educational benefit, etc. The newest devices provide a great opportunity to add onemore to thislist- animation! Such acombinationof words, pictures andmotiondiversifies the usual visual language of a classical illustratedbook and makes the story even more exciting, but preserving the features of reading, not turning the book into a toy Every page of our books is lively and eyecatching as a cartoon, though it is not distracting from the narration but, on the contrary, it stresses some key moments of it and thus helps to understand the plot better and to remember it, because being once read, achildafterwards can retell the story by himself for animation willgive a tip. Read and watch with the children! These short stories can become a commongroundfor you to start a conversation about something in the book, to share one fairyworldand thus to spend preciousmomentstogether. Whatever your favoriteapp is - there always can be the place for a good book, for a modern one.